10 reasons to move to Mission Bay CA!

Well it is really difficult to think of the reason why not  to move here. So, this is a piece of cake to write for those of us who have had the pleasure to live in Mission Bay for years.

Let’s start from the obvious:

1. Weather

If you like consistency and warmth, you are moving to the right place. The most perfect weather all year around is awaiting for you.

2. Cross Country Course

For those who love athletics, this just might be the cup of tea for you. The Mission Bay cross country course is a 2000 meter grass loop that spreads along east Mission Bay Park.
From flat terrain to small grass inclines, you can find many courses for no matter what level of form you are in.

3. Golfing

Designed by Ted Robinson, 18 – hole executive course,  Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice Center has been a locals favorite for a long time. Measuring 2,719 yards, it sits in the center of the city and spreads on 46 acres. It is perfect for those who enjoy a late night getaway from the city hustle and bustle since it is the only golf course that has a night lightning.

4. Mission Bay Park

Well, this is one of our favorite things about Mission Bay. You can do everything here. From saling, paddle boarding, jet skiing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, cruising  – well you name it and you can do it! It is a mecca for water activities in the whole San Diego area.  Also, you can rent bikes and have picnics and bbqs here as well.

5. Moonlit cruise on Bahia Belle

Well, we would move only for this really.  Bahia Belle is a sternwheeler similar to a Mississippi riverboat that features live music. Within minutes you are transported to a different time. Nothing compares to the feeling of night breeze on your shoulders while you are sipping your favourite beverage. 

6. SeaWorld San Diego

Mission Bay is also a home to SeaWorld San Diego. It is the world famous marine life adventure park.  It is definitely a children’s favorite place. There are numerous shows, rides and gatherings with the small animals.
You can find something for everyone here and it really offers a family packed day of fun.

7. Neighbourhood

Mission Bay’s residents are a part of a close knit community. Everyone is pleasant and willing to help you at any point. From hipster homes to traditional homes and blocks, you can find everything you need here that can fit your needs.

8. Cost of living

Mission Bay is located in the heart of everything. You are close to both San Diego and Los Angeles. However, the cost of living is not as high as it is there. Mission Bay’s cost of living is below California’s average.

9. Employment

The vicinity to the major cities is one of the biggest advantages Mission  Bay has. That vicinity is allowing employment rates to be lower. People do commute a lot, but public transportation is well adjusted. Also, in recent years San Diego has become a tech hub for startups. 

10. Food

Most importantly – Food. The proximity to both Los Angeles and Mexico gave a fusion of the cousins. Here, you can find the best Mexican, food outside Mexico. The San Diego area is a melting pot of nations, so whatever you are craving, we got you covered.