Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where to get movers?

Simply by searching via Google or Yelp you can find movers to assist you with moving. However if you are searching for the best movers in Mission Bay, look no further - we are a phone call away.

2. How movers charge?

Most local moving companies charge per hour. Always check with a moving company if there is any difference between moving dates, so you might be able to find some more affordable dates.

3. How many movers should I hire?

There are a lot of factors that determine the number of movers you need. It depends on your square footage, number of stairs you have and if you have any additional service. Having that in mind the best way to find that out is to consult with your relocation specialist.

4. What movers won't pack?

Every moving company has a different set of rules regarding packing. Most companies cannot move flammables and live plants. This would be the best to check with your relocation company.

5. Who are movers who will pack everything for you?

As one of the best moving companies in Mission Bay, we can provide you with Packers and Movers as well.

6. Are movers insured?

Some movers are licensed and insured. Here at Movers Mission Bay we pride ourselves in being insured and that we provide a stellar moving service.

7. Are movers more expensive on weekends?

There are cases where the end of the month might be more expensive when it comes to moving locally. Also, weekends tend to be more expensive. However, this depends on the company's policy.

8. Are movers responsible for damage?

For all damages movers cause, moving companies are liable to either fix or compensate.

9. When do movers get paid?

Once the movers are done, there should be a payment made.

10. When to schedule movers?

When you get a firm date, wait no further. Call a company and schedule movers as soon as you can.

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